Sunday, September 23, 2012

Days of the Week Baskets

So, Rob and I have been trying to eat at home more. We have been planning our meals and then swearing we eat them at home. I have been grouping everything in the pantry. Last weekend, it occurred to me that I needed a better way to do it so I could see what I had. Thus, the idea of the baskets was born. Eventually I want to add a bar and hang them up. But this works for now. 

The Finished Product:

What You Will Need:

  • 7 Dollar Store Baskets
  • Pretty paper
  • Cricut, Pazzle, or pre-cut letters
  • Laminating machine (optional)
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

Let's Get Started:

1. First you need to cut out your tags. We used the Pazzle machine, but you can cut them by hand, with a Cricut cutter, or even use dye-cuts. Be creative!
2. My tags had two pieces, so I had to stick them together. Don't worry if your pieces curl, we are going to laminate them and that will flatten them.

3. Laminate tags. We have a laminating machine, but I have heard that there are cold-laminate kits out there that may be cheaper to get started with.
4. Punch holes in the tags and use ribbon to tie them to baskets. DONE.

Now I can bring my groceries home and throw them in the baskets for the days I need them on. On the day I want to make that, I can just grab the basket and I have all the non-refrigerated items! VOILA!

PS. Thanks to my mom for getting these baskets from the Dollar Store for me!

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