Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Flowers

So, we really were NOT going to do a craft today. We just got back from a long vacation (I know, poor us) and we just needed to take a weekend to recover. However, we were walking from Target to the Dollar Tree and we passed Michael's. I saw these shiny flowers and we got sucked in. You can thank the outdoor Michael's display for this one...

The Final Product:

 What you will need:

(the picture won't upload, so use your imagination)
  • Colored marbles or stones
  • Christmas-y silk flowers
  • Ribbon
  • A cheap vase (ours is from the Dollar Store!)
  • Floral Wire


Let's Get Started:

1. First fill your vase all the way up with your marbles.
2. Cut all your silk flowers from their stems.
3. Now, my mom is the pro flower arranger (I take pictures) and she says that you should put the tallest flowers and plants in the center of the arrangement.
4. Go pet your puppy (oh wait... that's just for me)
5. Finish arranging your flowers.

6. Make your bow. (Next week there will be a tutorial on how to make the beautiful holiday bows that my genius mother can create).
7. Add bow to arrangement.

Enjoy the Christmas-ness.

All the credit for this project goes to my mama... she's fabulous.