Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Pacifier Chronicles: Day 2 - Captain's Log

For those of you just joining us, I am writing about our "just wing it" strategy to get rid of C's pacifier. This is just a real life look at how we ACTUALLY approached this milestone. 

After she gave up and fell asleep last night, she stayed asleep until 1:39. Very specific, I know. She was pretty upset and asking for her paci. So, I put her in bed with me and after flailing around for about 30 minutes, she fell back asleep until around 6:45 am. Yay! 

The first thing she said to me in the morning? "Paccciiiii."  Yep. Awesome. I stuck with my "it's all gone" strategy. To which she promptly replied "No mama! Nana!" Clearly she was calling in the reinforcements. 

She went to playcare in the morning and was fine all day and through dinner. I think it's because I kept her really busy with playing outside, going to Steak and Shake for a milkshake, and watching more TV. 

Then it came time to settle down for bed. Bad news bears. I'm talking full on screaming and crying. But she never did specifically ask for the paci. It's almost like she wasn't sure what she was missing. She finally fell asleep and is now in her crib. So day two is complete and smoother than yesterday, except bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better! 

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