Sunday, July 15, 2012

Double Bow

My mom has always done my hair (everyone knows I love braids!) and made my hair accessories. For my first post, this is a great tutorial for something that is super quick and easy, and cheap (you don't really need to buy 8 colors of ribbon like we did).


What you will need:
  • 1 yard plus 2.5 inches of 1.5" grosgrain ribbon in whatever color suits you
  • hair elastics (for ponytail ribbon)
  • alligator clips (for clip in ribbon)
  • fabric scissors (we use Fiskars)
  • crafting wire
  • fabric glue
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun


1. Cut 6" of wire and set aside.
2. Cut 2.5" of ribbon and set aside.
3. Take your yard of ribbon and fold it in half

4. While folded, slide wire through the fold and twist wire tightly around ribbon (still folded)

5. Open ribbon and lay flat with wire facing up.
6. Fold one side of the ribbon in so that the loop is approximately 2.5"

7. Fold it back towards the center with the same size loop remaining. You should have two loops now.

8. Repeat this process with other half of the ribbon. You should have four loops now and leftover ends. DON'T CUT THEM. We will make them pretty later!

9. The wire should be behind the ribbon. Wrap wire around the WHOLE thing tightly. Twist wire to make secure. Add a drop of hot glue to secure end of wire. Set the bow aside for now.

10. Pick up your small ribbon. 
11. Fold ribbon into thirds the long way, putting a line of hot glue inside each fold to secure.

12. Place a drop of hot glue on back of bow and secure one end of small ribbon perpendicular to the bow.
13. Cut approximately 3" of wire.
14. Wrap small ribbon tightly around the bow. Place wire on bow and hot glue the end of the small ribbon onto the wire. Hold firmly until glue dries.

15. Feed wire through the alligator clip and twist to secure. We add a drop of hot glue to keep the bow from wiggling on the clip!
16. To finish the bow, fold the end of the excess ribbon in half and cut on an angle
17. For nice neat ribbon that doesn't fray, my mom uses a lighter to very quickly singe the ends. It is important that it is done quickly and carefully so that we don't have any fires or burn marks!!

18. VOILA! Pretty ribbon on a clip.

note: for a bow on a ribbon, go back to step 12 and instead of adding wire before you glue the small ribbon down, add a hair tie. EASY.

We made two ribbons in 20 minutes, and we were making it up as we went. This is an EASY project. Happy bow-heading!

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