Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Wedding

Sorry I've been missing! We had a bit of a crisis in the C family household these past couple of weeks, but never fear, I have some cute past projects to whet your whistle until next week when I will be doing an ACTUAL project with step-by-step instructions.

These are the images from my wedding. My mom and I made everything by hand. It saved us a TON of money and it was super fun.

 This is just printed straight onto cardstock. We ordered 200 unpainted handles and hand painted them white. We tried to spray paint them, but they absorbed the paint. Then we used spray adhesive and double sided tape to stick the fans to the handles. Lastly, add ribbon. VOILA! Way cheaper than ordering programs and WAY cuter.

 This is my favorite thing. My mom discovered these ADORABLE baskets in a store when we were shopping with my grandma. They had handles, so she just added ribbon and hung them from pew bow holders. She picked out pretty silk flowers that matched (from the dollar store!) and stuck them in the basket. They were beautiful.

 Easy, print onto cardstock and glue. Done.

 AHH! The most popular item. I can't say that it was actually cheap, but it was so much fun. Clearly, just order some glass apothecary jars, candy in your colors, and go to town. I LOVE IT! (My mom did make those pinwheels, though!)

Shutterfly gave me a free 8x8 book. So, because I am SUPER cheap, I filled it with pictures of Rob and Myself and we used it as a guest book.
Also, in this picture is the seating chart. Super easy, just list the people and their table. Have Costco print it straight onto foam board.

My wedding was proof that my mom is a genius!

There, lots of little projects to hold you until next Saturday! YAY!

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